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Louis Armstrong & The All Stars - The Complete Decca Studio Recordings
Label: Mosaic Records   Label-Nummer: MD6-146
Recording: 1950-58   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 6
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUSco, tp, voc,
Everett BarksdaleUSg,
Cheryl Barnes 
George BarnesUSg,
Barney BigardUScl, ts,
Cozy (William) ColeUSd,
Barrett DeemsUSd,
George DorseyUSas,
Squire GershUSb,
Edmond HallUScl,
Earl HinesUSp,
Hilton JeffersonUSas,
Kenny JohnUSd,
Billy KyleUSp,
Dave McRaeUSbar,
Seldon PowellUSfl, ts,
Arvell ShawUSb,
Jack TeagardenUStb, voc,
Lucky ThompsonUSss, ts,
Trummy YoungUStb, voc,
2New Orleans Function1950-58
3Flee As A Bird1950-58
4Oh Didn't He Ramble1950-58
5Twelfth Street Rag1950-58
6That's For Me1950-58
7Bugle Call Rag1950-58
8Ole Miss1950-58
9I Surrender Dear1950-58
10Russian Lullaby1950-58
11Baby Won't You Please Come Home1950-58
12Fine And Dandy1950-58
13My Buckets Got A Hole In It1950-58
14Unless It's You1950-58
15A Kiss To Build A Dream On1950-58
16You're The Apple Of My Eye1950-58
17I'll Walk Alone1950-58
18Kiss Of Fire1950-58
19April In Portugal1950-58
21Basin Street Blues1950-58
23Struttin' With Some Barbecue1950-58
25Muskrat Ramble1950-58
27You'll Never Walk Alone1950-58
28Yeh! Yeh!1950-58
30Baby, Your Sleep Is Showing1950-58
31Tin Roof Blues1950-58
32Pretty Little Missie1950-58
33Easy Street1950-58
34Lazy Bones1950-58
35If I Could Be With You1950-58
36Lazy River1950-58
37I Can't Give You Anything But Love1950-58
38On The Sunny Side Of The Street1950-58
39I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me1950-58
40Body And Soul1950-58
41Mahogany Hall Stomp1950-58
42When You're Smiling1950-58
43Some Of These Days1950-58
44Georgia On My Mind1950-58
45Exactly Like You1950-58
46High Society1950-58
47Song Of The Islands1950-58
48That's My Home1950-58
49Memories Of You1950-58
50Them There Eyes1950-58
51This Younger Generation1950-58
52In Pursuit Of Happiness1950-58
53Hotter Than That1950-58
54Gut Bucket Blues1950-58
55Weary Blues1950-58
56Potato Head Blues1950-58
57Cornet Chop Suey1950-58
58Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me1950-58
59Two Deuces1950-58
60Mandy Make Up Your Mind1950-58
61Wild Man Blues1950-58
62Gully Low Blues1950-58
63Everybody Loves My Baby1950-58
64Heebie Jeebies1950-58
65King Of The Zulus1950-58
66Frog I More Rag1950-58
67Georgia Grind1950-58
68Snag It1950-58
69Dippermouth Blues1950-58
70Canal Street Blues1950-58
71You Rascal You1950-58
72Hobo You Can't Ride This Train1950-58
73Knockin' A Jug1950-58
74Dear Old Southland1950-58
75See See Rider1950-58
76Reckless Blues1950-58
77Trouble In Mind1950-58
78Courthouse Blues1950-58
79I Love Jazz1950-58
80The Mardi-Gras March1950-58