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Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra - Le Meilleur De Louis Armstrong
Label: RCA BLUEBIRD   Label-Nummer: 74321340702
Recording: 1932 - 1933   US   Diverse
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUStp, voc,
1-1That's My Home08.12.1932
1-2Hobo,You Can't Ride This Train08.12.1932
1-3Medley Of Armstrong Hits Part208.12.1932
1-4" Part 108.12.1932
1-5I've Got The World On A String08.12.1932
1-6I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues08.12.1932
1-7Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby08.12.1932
1-8High Society08.12.1932
1-9He's A Son Of The South08.12.1932
1-10Some Sweet Day08.12.1932
1-11Basin Street Blues08.12.1932
1-12Honey, Do08.12.1932
1-13Mahogany Hall Stomp08.12.1932
1-14Swing,You Cats08.12.1932
1-15Laughin Louie08.12.1932
1-16Duky Stevedore08.12.1932
1-17There's A Cabin In The Pines08.12.1932
1-18Sweet Sue,Just You26.04.1933
1-19Don't Play Me Cheap26.04.1933
1-20St.Louis Blues26.04.1933