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Louis Armstrong - Dizzy Gillespie Cool Breeze
Label: History   Label-Nummer: 20.19191-HI
Recording: 1940 - 1942   US   New York / Los angeles / Chicago
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 1
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUStp,
1-1Wolverine Blues14.03.1940
1-2You Rascal You14.03.1940
1-3Cut Off My Legs & Call Me Shorty14.03.1940
1-4Satchel Mouth Swing14.03.1940
1-5Love Walked In14.03.1940
1-6Swing That Music14.03.1940
1-7Dusky Stevedore14.03.1940
1-8That's My Home14.03.1940
1-9I'm Shooting High14.03.1940
1-10Falling In Love With You14.03.1940
1-12I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music14.03.1940
1-13It's Wonderful14.03.1940
1-14Flat Foot Floogie14.03.1940
1-15On The Sunny Side Of The Street14.03.1940
1-16Rockin' Chair14.03.1940
1-17Lazy Bones14.03.1940
1-18Cain And Abel17.04.1942
1-19When It's Sleepy Time Down South17.04.1942
1-20Leap Frog17.04.1942
1-21I Used To Love You17.04.1942
1-22Cash For Your Trash17.04.1942
1-23Among My Souvenirs17.04.1942