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Louis Armstrong - Armstrong V.S.O.P. Vol.Vi
Label: odeon   Label-Nummer: 175
Recording: 1929 - 1930   US   New York / Los Angeles
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 1
1-1St.Louis Blues13.12.1929
1-2Rockin' Chair13.12.1929
1-3Song Of The Island13.12.1929
1-4Bessie Couldn't Help It13.12.1929
1-5Blue Turning Gray Over You13.12.1929
1-6Dear Old Southland13.12.1929
1-7My Sweet13.12.1929
1-8I Can't Believe That You're In Love...13.12.1929
1-9Indian Craddle Song13.12.1929
1-10Exactly Like You13.12.1929
1-12Tiger Rag13.12.1929
1-13I'm A Ding Dong Daddy13.12.1929
1-14I'm In The Market For You13.12.1929
1-16If I Could Be With You13.12.1929