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Louis Armstrong - July 4, 1900 - July 6, 1971
Label: RCA Victor   Label-Nummer: VPM 6044
Recording: 1932 - 1956   US   
Medium: LP   Anzahl Medien: 1
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUStp, voc,
1-1You'll Wish You'd Never09.12.1932
1-2Been Born09.12.1932
1-3Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby09.12.1932
1-4Sittin' In The Dark09.12.1932
1-5He's A Son Of The South09.12.1932
1-6Some Sweet Day09.12.1932
1-7Honey, Don't You Love Me Anymore09.12.1932
1-8Mississippi Basin09.12.1932
1-9Tomorrow Night09.12.1932
1-10Dusky Stevedore09.12.1932
1-11I Wonder Who09.12.1932
1-12Don't Play Me Cheap09.12.1932
1-13Linger In My Arms A Little Longer, ...09.12.1932
1-14Whatta Ya Gonna Do09.12.1932
1-15Joseph'n His Brudders09.12.1932
1-16No Variety Blues09.12.1932
1-17Back O' Town Blues09.12.1932
1-18Blues In The South01.08.1956
1-19I Want A Little Girl01.08.1956
1-20Sugar (That Sugar Baby O'mine)01.08.1956
1-21The Blues Are Brewin'01.08.1956
1-23I Believe01.08.1956
1-24Why Doubt My Love01.08.1956
1-25You Don't Learn That In School01.08.1956
1-26Fifty-fifty Blues01.08.1956
1-27Some Day You'll Be Sorry01.08.1956
1-28A Song Was Born01.08.1956
1-29Lovely Weather We're Having01.08.1956
1-30Please Stop Playing That Blues, Boy01.08.1956
1-31Ain't Misbehavin'01.08.1956
1-32Pennies From Heaven01.08.1956
1-33Save It, Pretty Mama01.08.1956
1-34Rain, Rain01.08.1956
1-35I Never Saw A Better Day01.08.1956