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Louis Armstrong - The Complete #4 West End Blues
Label: Frémeaux & Ass.   Label-Nummer: FA 1354
Recording: 1926-28   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 3
Louis Satchmo ArmstrongUStp,
Boyd AtkinsUSas, cl, ss,
Rip BassettUSbjo, g,
Jimmy BertrandUSwbd,
Barney BigardUSts,
Jimmy BlytheUSp,
Pete BriggsUStub,
Mancy CarrUSbjo, g, voc,
Lillie-Delk Christian voc,
Bert Curry as,
Carroll DickersonUSld,
Johnny DoddsUScl,
Warren Baby DoddsUSd,
Honore DutrayUStb,
Stump EvansUSsax,
Fred Tubby HallUSd,
Lil Hardin - ArmstrongUSp,
Bertha "Chippie" HillUSvoc,
Earl HinesUScel, p,
Homer Hobson tp,
Lonnie JohnsonUSg,
Richard M. JonesUSp,
Jimmie NooneUScl,
Edward "Kid" OryUStb,
Roy PalmerUStb,
Don RedmanUSas, cl,
Fred RobinsonUStb,
Arthur "Bud" ScottUSbjo,
Zutty SingletonUSd,
Johnny St. CyrUSbjo,
Artie StarksUScl,
Jimmy StrongUScl, ts,
George W. ThomasUSp,
Hersal ThomasUSp,
Hociel Thomas voc,
John ThomasUStb,
Joe WalkerUSas, bar,
Sippie WallaceUSp, voc,
Al WashingtonUSts,
Crawford WethingtonUSas,
Bill WilsonUStp,
1You Made Me Love You27/11/1926
2Irish Black Bottom27/11/1926
3Pleadin For The Blues23 & 26/11/1926
4Pratt City Blues23 & 26/11/1926
5Mess, Kathie, Mess23 & 26/11/1926
6Lovesick Blues23 & 26/11/1926
7Lonesome Weary Blues23 & 26/11/1926
8Easy Come, Easy Go Blues21/04/1927
9The Blues Stampede21/04/1927
10I'm Goin' Huntin'21/04/1927
11If You Want To Be My Sugar Papa21/04/1927
12Weary Blues22/04/1927
13New Orleans Stomp22/04/1927
14Wild Man Blues (1)22/04/1927
15Wild Man Blues (2)22/04/1927
16Melancholy (1)22/04/1927
17Melancholy (2)22/04/1927
18Ded Drunk Blues6/05/1927
19Have You Ever Been Done?6/05/1927
20Lazy Man Blues6/05/1927
21The Flood Blues6/05/1927
22Chicago Break9/05/1927
23Sunshine Baby 
24Willie The Weeper10/05/1927
25Wild Man Blues7/05/1927
26Alligator Crawl10/05/1927
27Potato Head Blues10/05/1927
28Melancholy Blues11/05/1927
29Weary Blues11/05/1927
30Twelftth Street Rag11/05/1927
31Keyhole Blues11/05/1927
32S.O.L. Blues13/05/1927
33Gully Low Blues14/05/1927
34Thats When I Come Back To You14/05/1927
35Put 'Em Down Blues02/09/1927
36Ory's Creole Trombone02/09/1927
37The Last Time09/09/1927
38Struttin' With Some Barbeque09/12/1927
39Got No Blues09/12/1927
40Once In A While10/12/1927
41I'm Not Rough10/12/1927
42Hotter Than That13/12/1927
43Savoy Blues13/12/1927
44You're A Real Sweetheart26/06/1928
45Was It A Dream?26/06/1928
46Too Busy26/06/1928
47Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me26/06/1928
49Skip The Gutter27/06/1928
50A Monday Date27/06/1928
51Don't Jive Me28/06/1928
52West End Blues28/06/1928
53Sugar Foot Strut28/06/1928
54Two Deuces29/06/1928
55Squeeze Me29/06/1928
56Knee Drops05/07/1928
57Symphonic Raps05/07/1928
58Savoyager Stomp05/07/1928
59No (No, Papa, no)04/12/1928
60Basin Street Blues04/12/1928
61No One Else But You05/12/1928
62Beau Koo Jack05/12/1928
63Save It, Pretty Mama05/12/1928
65I Can't Give You Anything But Love11/12/1928
67Sweethearts On Parade12/12/1928
68I Must Have That Man12/12/1928