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Maynard Ferguson - Compl. Roulette Rec. The Complete Roulette Recordings
Label: Mosaic Records   Label-Nummer: MD10-156
Recording: 1958-62   
Medium: CD   Anzahl Medien: 10
Michael AbeneUSp,
Bill BerryUSco, tp,
John BunchUSp,
Jaki ByardUSas, p,
Billy ByersUStb,
Jay CameronUSb-cl, bar,
Bill ChaseUStb, tp,
Gene ChericoUSb,
Gene CoeUStp,
Bob DoganUSp,
Frankie DunlopUSd,
Don EllisUStp,
Rolf EricsonSEtp,
Joe FarrellUSas, fl, ss, ts,
Maynard FergusonCAflh, tp,
Chet FerrettiUSflh, tp,
Paul FontaineUStp,
Jimmy FordUSas,
John GaleUStb,
Charles GreenleaUStb,
Lin HallidayUSts,
Slide HamptonUStb,
Jake HannaUSd,
Frank HittnerUSbar,
Rufus Speedy JonesUSd,
Rick KieferGBtp,
John LanniUSbar,
Carmen LeggioUSts,
Willie MaidenUSbar, cl, ts,
Stu MartinUSd,
Don MenzaUSts,
Linc MillimanUSb, tub,
Lanny MorganUSas, fl, ss, ts,
Larry MoserUStp,
Ann Marie MossUSvoc,
John NevesUSb,
Nat PavoneUStp,
Don RaderUSco, flh, tp,
Clyde ReasingerUStp,
Jimmy RowserUSb,
Kenny RuppUStb,
Charlie SaundersUSb,
Don SebeskyUSp, tb,
Tom SlaneyUStp,
Aubrey TosinUSb,
Jerry TyreeUStp,
Ray WinslowUStb,
Mike ZagatiniUStb,
Joe ZawinulUSkeyb, p, voc,
1And We Listened1958-62
2The Fugue1958-62
4Slide's Derangement1958-62
5Frame For The Blues1958-62
6The Waltz1958-62
7Three Little Foxes1958-62
8Tag Team1958-62
9Fan It, Janet1958-62
10Don'cha Go 'Way Mad1958-62
11Bye Bye Blackbird1958-62
13It's A Pity To Say Goodnight1958-62
14B.J.'s Back In Town1958-62
16They Can't Take That Away From Me1958-62
17Love Walked In1958-62
18Dancing In The Dark1958-62
19What's New1958-62
20Can't We Be Friends1958-62
21That Old Feeling1958-62
22Secret Love1958-62
23Full Moon And Empty Arms1958-62
24'Tis Autumn1958-62
25You Took Advantage Of Me1958-62
26Soft Winds1958-62
27It's Only A Paper Moon1958-62
28Aren't You Glad You're You1958-62
29'Round About Midnight1958-62
30She's Funny That Way1958-62
31Lonely Town1958-62
32I'm Beginning To See The Light1958-62
33Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me1958-62
34Stompin' At The Savoy1958-62
35It Might As Well Be Spring1958-62
36I'll Be Seeing You1958-62
37If I Should Loose You1958-62
38Don't Take Your Love From Me1958-62
39Let's Fall In Love1958-62
40Where's Teddy1958-62
41This Is Always1958-62
42Hey There1958-62
44Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child1958-62
45Ol' Man River1958-62
46Three More Foxes1958-62
47Jazz Bary1958-62
49Got The Spirit1958-62
50Doin' The Madison1958-62
52My Foolish Heart1958-62
53Let's Face The Music And Dance1958-62
54You Don't Know What Love Is1958-62
55The Party's Over1958-62
56The Masquerade Is Over1958-62
57Let's Do It1958-62
58Spring Is Here1958-62
59It Could Happen To You1958-62
60Teach Me Tonight1958-62
62The First Noel1958-62
63White Christmas1958-62
64O Come All Ye Faithful1958-62
65The Christmas Song1958-62
66Silent Night1958-62
67Jingle Bells1958-62
68New Blue1958-62
69The Pharaoh1958-62
70Ultimate Rejection1958-62
71Go East, Young Man1958-62
72Saturday Night1958-62
73Blues For Kapp1958-62
74This Is My Lucky Day1958-62
76Straight Away1958-62
79Mambo Le Mans1958-62
80'Round About The Blues1958-62
82Cocky Scott1958-62
83Up Shift1958-62
84Last Lap1958-62
85Pit Stop1958-62
86After The Race1958-62
87Lazy Afternoon1958-62
88Ain't Life Grand1958-62
89Have You Met Miss Jones1958-62
93Pretty Little Neida1958-62
94Hip Twist1958-62
95Almost Like Being In Love1958-62
96Born To Be Blue1958-62
97A Soulful Moment1958-62
98My Sweetie Went Away, She Didn't Say..1958-62
99Straight Out1958-62
100Si! Si! M.F.1958-62
102Morgan's Organ1958-62
103What'll I Do1958-62
104Early Hours1958-62
105Great Guns1958-62
106Easy Chair1958-62
107New Bag Blues1958-62
108September Moan1958-62
109Sin Blues1958-62
110Hate Notes1958-62
111Overcoat Stomp1958-62
112Nude Mood1958-62
113In Retrospect1958-62
114For The Cats1958-62
115L & M1958-62
116Lament For Susan1958-62
118One For Otis1958-62
119Animated Suspension1958-62
121Head Hunter1958-62
122Fox Hunt1958-62
123Let's Try1958-62
124Guess Again1958-62
128Jennifer's Bounce1958-62
132The Mark Of Jazz1958-62
133Night Life1958-62
134Stella By Starlight1958-62
135Lonely Time1958-62
136Back In The Satellite Again1958-62
137Sea Isle Stomp1958-62
138Blue Birdland1958-62